Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Louisiana has more opioid prescriptions than residents.

"Louisiana is one of eight states that has more opioid prescriptions than it has residents. The state has the sixth highest prescription-per-capita rate at 1.03 pain-killer prescriptions written per Louisiana resident in 2015.

But Holcombe argues more can be done, like making better use of the Prescription Monitoring Program operated by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.
The database includes anyone in Louisiana that has been prescribed a controlled substance. The problem, Holcombe points out, is that it is not mandatory for every prescriber to check first.
“It has been hugely important, but curiously, it is required that pharmacists check it before administering the prescription but not physicians before prescribing,” he explained.
Changing that would be “a very, very simple thing that could be done to squelch the over-prescribing taking place,” Holcombe said."

Read more about it here.

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