Friday, July 15, 2016

From A Clinic Secure ~

One of the largest sources of illegal opioid use is from diversion; the intentional diverting of prescription drugs by those to whom it is prescribed. In many states, the first response to this problem is to close the clinic from which these prescriptions were written.

While there are cases of doctors over-prescribing or engaging in illicit distribution, my research shows that these are rare occurrences, especially compared to the amount of willful diversion by prescription recipients, and the acquisition of these prescriptions through illegal activity, including doctor shopping and fraudulent medical reports.

We have, in fact, seen a marked increase in the sale of forged MRI and/or X-Ray reports, and prescription printouts, designed to acquire narcotics via fraud.  There is even a black market for these forged documents, alone. This too, is becoming a cottage industry.

At A Clinic Secure, we provide constant, meticulous protection from these activities. While no one can promise to put an end to these practices completely, our initial success rate at uncovering these activities is in the high 90% range. Under our watchful eye, nobody gets away with it for long. We are simply too thorough.

Further, we can and do  provide an ongoing record of checks and balances, proving that the clinic, and the doctors who work there, have made every possible effort to stem this diversion, and are willing to pass these irregularities on to the necessary authorities when it is discovered.

At one clinic alone, we averaged as many as four patients per week who were positive for doctor shopping or violation of their pain contract, just by thoroughly reviewing the PMP of every patient returning for a follow-up appointment.

Clearing patients before admitting has revealed ongoing criminal enterprises that include mass doctor shopping, forgery rings selling fake MRI and X-Ray reports, and those who “straw dog” the elderly, taking them to clinics with fraudulent information, and collecting their prescription drugs once the prescriptions have been filled.

Sadly, once discovered, many of these groups have left a trail of bodies, usually among high school and college aged kids, who died of opioid overdose from illegally available pain medication. This can and must be changed.

At A Clinic Secure, we provide a variety of programs to combat this epidemic, and at the same time, protect medical personnel from the back lash of illegal activity that usually goes on outside their sphere of influence, and far beyond their control.

These include full service contracts;
* Checking every single PMP for doctor shopping, conflicting drug use, early returns on refills, forged prescriptions and errors of record by participating pharmacies.

* Documentation of this work, with each PMP duly noted as having passed review or any notes required, should it not. Each and every PMP report is signed by the qualified staff member who reviewed it. You will know exactly who is responsible for your protection.

* Reports created and filed with the DEA, should the clinic or doctor of note find that necessary, or should it be required by law.

* Written or other personally provided testimony regarding any case in which we have been involved, whenever it is deemed necessary by the client. We are on your team.

* Clearing of any new patient to confirm and verify prescription lists and MRI/X-Ray reports, before admitting them to the clinic. This includes records from any state in the continental United States. If their hospital or medical facility exists, we will find it.

* HIPAA Certified & a Member of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, all of our work meets the necessary guidelines required.

* We can provide basic patient questionnaires, HIPAA release forms & patient pain
contracts for this process.

Any and all of these services are available separately, or in various custom configurations, depending on the need of the individual clinic. This includes ongoing patient review or single PMPs pulled as necessary. Patients may be cleared in groups or as individuals.

We also train delegates for doctors who wish to do this in house.
Group seminars available. References and prices available by request.

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David Percival
HIPAA Certified ~ Member ~ Academy of Integrative Pain Management
(Formerly; American Academy of Pain Management)
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